White House Issues Christmas Death Wish for the Unvaccinated

By Dr. Mercola

In a depressing pre-Christmas commentary to the American public, President Joe Biden issued a dark warning to anyone who hasn’t submitted to the COVID-19 jab yet: If you don’t relent and take the shot, you’re going to have a winter of severe illness and death and crowd up the hospitals.

The prognostication was issued Thursday, December 17, 2021, by President Biden himself, and repeated the following day during a virtual press conference by Jeff Zients, head of Biden’s COVID-19 response team. The comments drew criticism from both the unvaccinated and the press, with responses going viral in the news and various social media.

“If you wanted to make half the country hate the administration and resist its edicts and advice, it would be hard to come up with a better strategy than this,” one person tweeted.

Republican legislators and other conservatives took offense too, but that didn’t stop the Biden team. “The truth is the truth,” Biden’s chief of staff Ronald Klain tweeted back.


MSN News

Mass Live December 20, 2021

Ronald Klain Twitter December 19, 2021

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