Fauci Calls Robert F. Kennedy Jr a ‘Deeply Disturbed Individual’

By Dr. Mercola

Resorting to name-calling in the wake of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the War on Democracy and Public Health,” Fauci told Yahoo! News that Kennedy is “a deeply disturbed individual.”

Kennedy has invited anyone who wants to dispute what he’s written to a debate, but so far no one, including Fauci, has taken up the offer. Instead, Fauci is busy name-calling and down-playing the book by saying Kennedy’s truths and accusations are going to hurt people.

Fauci’s words are rolling off Kennedy’s back, however. In response to Yahoo!, he said, ““Dr. Fauci’s belief that, as a government official, he should be immune from criticism is contrary to our nation’s democratic traditions.”

SOURCE: Yahoo! News December December 21, 2021

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