In Loving Memory of Judy Mikovits’ Husband

By Dr. Mercola

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., is a scientist and researcher who’s been very vocal about the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus’ origins, the proposed “vaccines,” and the side effects that people are reporting from the COVID jabs.

In early December 2021, she lost her husband, David Robert Nolde, unexpectedly. In a loving video tribute to him, Mikovits details how he died. Much like King David, her David was “a man after God’s own heart,” Mikovits says. He had a pedigree of kindness, with a childlike faith and a goal of bringing joy to the world, even when joy seemed impossible, she says — but their lives were “torn apart by heartless criminals pretending to be scientists.”

David had suffered from COPD for four decades, but because of the “plandemic” he was denied “essential” medications, and his condition worsened until it was so serious he had to check in to the local hospital.

When the hospital learned he hadn’t gotten the COVID shot, the staff treated them both like second class citizens and at first prevented Mikovits from going into the hospital with her husband. When she finally was able to get in, to her horror she learned that the hospital had just assumed her husband had COVID, and were planning to treat him as a COVID patient.

“By a miracle of God I was able to get into that hospital just in time,” she says, as they were planning to deliver what she says would have been a deadly treatment of remdesivir and intubation. He was nearing death when she finally got there, and within 24 hours after Mikovits intervened, he was doing better.

Everyone was joyful for his recovery. The miracle of a man on his death bed literally coming alive, immediately getting better and being the very soul of a “God wins” moment is the memory Mikovits says she wants everyone to hear. “It was always my David’s greatest desire to run the race for his lord and savior, to finish well, and to hear these affirming words, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant,’” she says.

To see and hear Mikovits talk about this in her own, powerful, tearful words — including the promise the two made each other in writing, on their wedding rings — watch the video. Be forewarned though: David’s death didn’t happen the way you might think. He didn’t have COVID and he didn’t die of COVID.

Instead, he died when his heart gave out — Mikovits states “the hospital staff had neglected to give him his blood pressure medication.”

SOURCE: BitChute December 17, 2021

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