30 stories of vaccine injury everyone needs to see

There isn’t much in the big network news about vaccine injury and death. Why is that?

Below are 30 stories, (some compilations), of heartbreaking Covid-10 vaccine injury. How many in the US and other countries have been injured? How many have died from the vaccines? Were we misguided on the vaccines, and the mandates? Where will these vaccines leave our health years from now? These are important questions for which we need the answers.

Watch these 30 stories at the links below:

  1. Sen. Ron Johnson with families on adverse reactions to COVID vaccine | FOX6 News Milwaukee
  2. Another Vaccine Injury
  3. 19-year-old Australian Pfizer vaccine injury
  4. Vaccine adverse reaction (mandated)
  5. COVID Vaccine Injury Woman Shares A Story Of Her Daughters 13-year-old Friend With Severe Heart Issues
  7. Brittney regrets the Covid vaccine
  8. Why do you regret taking the vaccine?
  9. Family of ‘young, healthy’ south Mississippi man who suffered stroke believe J&J vaccine caused it
  10. Kyle’s vaccine complication (mountain biking world record holder)
  11. One family’s vaccine injury story
  12. You mean you don’t want your 2nd covid jab? Why not?
  13. Shawn Stelton Moderna vaccine reaction
  14. Regret after getting the Pfizer injection!
  15. The Covid vaccine “Aged me 40 years overnight”
  16. This is the kind of psycho vaxx side effect
  17. The Covid vaccine paralyzed me
  18. Listen to this mans warning, he regrets his mistake of getting the jab
  19. Message to pro vaxxers
  20. This is the kind of psycho vaxx side effect
  21. 74-year-old Virginia man’s skin peeled off after using J&J Covid-19 vaccine
  22. Louisiana woman shares her horrific Pfizer adverse vaccine reaction in hospital
  23. A chemist describes his wife’s major adverse reaction after her Covid vaccine
  24. Vaccine injury – pro-vaccine nurse’s rude awakening
  25. Young girl unable to walk after doing “her part”
  26. 33 year old registered nurse suffers pericarditis from Pfizer shot
  27. Vaccine injury 139. Adrian Stuart Walker – vaccine induced thrombosis thrombocytopenia
  28. Vaccine Injuries Of British Woman
  29. Vaccine injury 141. Claire Hibbs -vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT)
  30. Vaccine Injuries
  31. What MSM will not report – it’s a pandemic of the vaccinated, numbers of deaths & horrific injuries keep increasing

Though this isn’t a video, this man’s final wishes were to “get the truth out to the public about the Covid-19 vaccines because the truth of deaths from the vaccine was being hidden within the medical profession.” His wife reached out and personally thanked us for reposting his story.

More on this:

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