More Than 400 Studies Show Lockdowns Don’t Work

By Dr. Mercola

While world health leaders and politicians cling to the idea that lockdowns, mask mandates and school closures are the only safe way of handling COVID-19, evidence from more than 400 studies show these interventions simply don’t work.

Taking a close look at the real evidence, the Brownstone Institute says it plainly: The COVID pandemic has been steered by politics. It’s evidence of “monumental failure of lockdown policy,” an investigation by Brownstone Institute found.

“It was clear very early on that task forces and medical advisers and decision-makers were not reading the evidence, were not up to speed with the science or data, did not understand the evidence, did not ‘get’ the evidence, and were blinded to the science, often driven by their own prejudices, biases, arrogance, and ego,” Brownstone says.

“They remain ensconced in sheer academic sloppiness and laziness. It was clear that the response was not a public health one. It was a political one from Day 1 and continues today.” 

SOURCE: Brownstone Institute November 30, 2021

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