A win from board tyranny for doctors in Tennessee

By Dr. Mercola

As self-appointed arbiters of medical truth in the state of Tennessee, the Tennessee Medical Board (TMB) has implemented a policy of revoking or suspending doctors’ licenses if the board decided they were spreading misinformation about COVID-19.

That policy has now been removed from the TMB website, although it hasn’t been completely rescinded, Talking Points Memo reports. The action is believed to be in response to Tennessee state Rep. John Ragan (R), who’s been demanding that the policy be rescinded. Ragan co-chairs his chamber’s Joint Government Operations Committee.

Ragan sent three letters to the board warning that the board would be called to appear before the committee if they refused to rescind the policy. His committee can also recommend dissolving the TMB. According to Talking Points, Ragan said he believes the removal from the website is the equivalent of a win, in that “the deletion had the same impact as rolling the policy back.”


Talking Points Memo December 8, 2021

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