How to treat long-haul Covid-19

by Dr. Mercola

In a riveting interview, board-certified internist and cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough discusses long-haul COVID — when symptoms from a COVID infection persist for weeks and sometimes months — and the possible treatments for it.

 First, McCullough stresses that, contrary to what the CDC would have you believe, natural immunity is robust and possibly lifelong for most people. But, despite the immunity, if you’re one of those who are feeling bad from persistent symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, joint pain, nervous system problems or gastrointestinal problems, there is hope.

One early treatment is aspirin to prevent hypercoagulability, heart attacks and late ischemic strokes. In his practice McCullough also uses steroids and colchicine (a drug commonly used for gout to reduce high uric acid).

Fluvoxamine also seems to have a special effect on some of the neurological symptoms such as brain fog, body and muscle aches, McCullough adds.

McCullough’s host in the video, Dr. Al Johnson, adds that certain supplements such as tryptophan, glutathione and vitamins C and D can help. Staying away from sugary foods is important because they increase inflammation. Chiropractic adjustments to improve breathing may also be useful for some people.

Exercise, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, clean organic foods and glass bottled spring water are other health-boosting suggestions the doctors discuss.

SOURCE: YouTube October 25, 2021

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