NIH scrubs ‘gain of function’ from website; Paul accuses Fauci of “parsing words”

by Dr. Mercola

In a sleight-of-hand that failed to fly under the radar, the National Institutes of Health quietly dropped references to “gain of function” from its website and substituted a new definition for this type of research in its place.

In screenshots obtained by both ZeroHedge and Republican Daily, a page talking about gain of function was deleted from the NIH website. In its place an edited version talks about how sometimes a “compelling public health need” can justify the use of an “enhanced potential pandemic pathogen” (ePPP) to carry out research.

As mentioned by ZeroHedge, Twitter followers couldn’t help but comment on the sleight-of-hand maneuver, including a biophysicist who tweeted, “This is the problem with trying to argue with someone who can literally change the definitions of words.”

The move didn’t escape U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., either, as he tweeted: “Will any of these ‘omnipotent’ ‘scientists’ ever be held accountable?” Paul appeared on Fox News October 21, 2021, and accused Fauci of intentionally “’parsing words’ as a way of never admitting that gain of function took place in NIH-funded Chinese labs.”


ZeroHedge October 22, 2021

Republican Daily October 23, 2021

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