Fauci received a 68% pay increase to prevent pandemics like Covid-19

by Dr. Mercola

In a macabre turn of events, Forbes has learned that Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, received a permanent, 68% pay raise in 2004 to prevent the very type of pandemic that the world has been going through for nearly two years.

The increase was ongoing through 2020, making Fauci the highest-paid federal employee in the United States. Not only that, as it turns out, “Fauci was funding research that was actually creating pandemic pathogens in labs that, if leaked or fell into the wrong hands, might create the very human pandemic they were trying to prevent,” Forbes said.

Forbes obtained the information through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that not only gave Fauci’s compensation history, but detailed background on what Fauci was supposed to be doing for that compensation.

“He is leading the development of a series of research initiatives, has coordinated fast-track initiatives for academia and industry participation in biodefense-related research, and is responsible for the development of future intermediate and long-range research plans and policies for a sustained and committed biomedical research response to bioterrorism threats,” the documents say. “During FY2004, under Dr. Fauci’s leadership, NIAID significantly expanded, intensified, and accelerated its research programs in biodefense.”     

The revelations also show that the biodefense Fauci was conducting “came under fire from fellow scientists as too risky,” Forbes said. Former President Obama halted federal funding of this type of research in 2014, but Fauci restarted the funding “quietly” in 2017 and, in 2019,  secretly funded “some of the controversial gain-of-function scientists whose very research caused the scientific community’s concern and led to the funding pause under the Obama Administration in 2014.”

There were other controversies worth noting, Forbes said, with few making it into mainstream news — including $600,000 in subgrants from Fauci’s biodefense funds.

SOURCE: Forbes October 20, 2021

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