Merck’s new taxpayer-subsidized Covid-19 drug costs Americans 40x what it costs to make and has some unrealistic exclusions for use

In a new video from Russell Brand, the comedian-turned-top-thinker discusses how the federal government subsidizes the pharmaceutical industry.

In an article he sites at the Daily Poster, author David Sirota writes, “The federal government spent $100 billion to subsidize the research on every single one of the 200-plus drugs approved for sale in the United States between 2010 and 2016.”

He argues that instead of price gouging the American consumer, they instead ought to be paid returns on their investment.

According to the above piece, there have been several opportunities the government had to enact legislation to sell a pharmaceutical at a reasonable price when the government funds the research on the new drug, but declined to do so.

Brand says of this process, “You’re getting the risk. They’re getting the profit. That’s mental.”

Two things should concern every American about Merck’s new drug, molnupiravir:

1. It will cost the American taxpayer $712, but it only costs $17.74 to make.

2. It may not even work as well as ivermectin to defeat Covid.

In a recent FLCCC update video from October 6, Dr. Pierre Kory, a clinical physician and advocate of the use of ivermectin as one treatment to defeat Covid in its early stages (see studies) says that though he is hopeful on the use of any new drug to defeat Covid, he is cautious about what he’s seen so far about molnupiravir.

“It works by causing mutations in the virus. So it actually inserts itself into viral RNA and then sort of interrupts the machinery and the copying so there’s mutations and it dies. And it has been shown that it can also do that to human cells.”

He continues, “Keep in mind, if it was so safe, I would call out some of inclusion/exclusion criteria. If you look at this, males must abstain from heterosexual intercourse as their preferred and usual lifestyle, abstinent on a long term and persistent basis…this is a tough sell to a good portion of the US population.”

The slide shows other exclusions for females, who cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding and cannot be a woman of child bearing potential, and must be abstinent from heterosexual intercourse as their preferred and usual lifestyle.

Watch the full FLCCC update here.

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