UK judge orders evidence justifying Covid-19 vaccine for children

By Dr. Mercola 

Deaths for teenage boys in the United Kingdom have gone up by 63% since the COVID-19 vaccine was recommended for teenagers, with an increase of a stunning 700% in just one week, according to a report from the U.K. Office for National Statistics.

An investigation by The Expose showed that further data published by Public Health England indicated that emergency calls for an ambulance due to cardiac problems have also “skyrocketed against the expected average since young adults and teens began receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.”

On the heels of the report, Judge Justice Jay ordered the U.K. government to “submit evidence that justifies Covid-19 vaccination of children” by October 11, 2021, The Expose said. To support the evidence, The Expose created a graph on its website.

“As you can see above the highest increase in deaths came in the week ending 25th June 2021 which saw a 700% increase on the number of deaths in teens on the previous year, this represented a 500% increase in male teen deaths, and a 400% increase in female teen deaths,” The Expose said.

Subsequently, Jay determined that plaintiffs — who want the mass COVID vaccination of children to be stopped — “had done enough to persuade him there was an arguable case,” and he then set a deadline for the government to submit evidence justifying the vaccines in children, The Expose said.


The Expose October 4, 2021

UK Office for National Statistics September 24, 2021

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