New Merck Covid pill may only be half as effective as Ivermectin

Interviewed by Newsmax, Dr. Pierre Kory comments on Merck’s new Covid-19 pill. Merck is also the manufacturer of ivermectin.

“What they did is an illegal action as I understand it. It’s call pre-promotional advertising, and they’re basically advertising against a competitor, which is an off-patent, very safe, very cheap drug, in order to preserve the market for what is now going to be a huge blockbuster drug.”

He continues, “As a physician battling this pandemic, I will say that I actually am happy that there’s going to be an early treatment option, because this is the drug that’s going to get the approval, it’s going to get all the billions, but it’s also going to save lives, if the data is to be believed. I want to see the study, I want to see who they studied, when they studied and we need to know more about the trial. So, although I’m happy about it because it’s going to help people, it’s going to offload hospitals if it really does work as advertised, but I’m also really saddened, because it looks to be half as effective as ivermectin.”

Watch the full interview here.

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