Local news station shares story about 2 deaths linked to Ivermectin in New Mexico, fails to report on lives saved with Ivermectin and deaths due to the vaccine

ABC affiliate Channel 2 news station WSB-TV shared a story on September 27 about 2 deaths linked to Ivermectin in New Mexico.

After being posted to Facebook, users began complaining that the story failed to cite studies showing the effectiveness of Ivermectin against Covid-19, and also the comparative loss of life from the Covid-19 vaccines.

“How about you report on the tens of thousands that it saved?!!” said one commenter.

Another woman said, “Why not report on the 48,000 + the v@××ine has killed ?”

In another comment, a user said, “Something like this was reported a while back and found to be TOTALLY FALSE,” referring to the Rolling Stone article about Ivermectin overdoses overwhelming hospitals that had been debunked September 5.

In the article, WSB-TV reported, “the Food and Drug Administration, the American Medical Association, the American Pharmacists Association and several others, have urged people not to take the drug, which has not undergone a clinical trial to determine its efficacy against COVID-19.”

However, according to a group of highly credentialed doctors, Ivermectin has been studied in 65 trials and 32 randomized controlled trials that included over 47,000 patients showing its effectiveness as a treatment against Covid-19.

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