Senators Seek Grand Jury Investigation of CDC for Inflating COVID Numbers

By Dr. Mercola 

In a move that only caught the attention of a nonprofit human rights organization, two Oregon state senators have filed a petition for a grand jury investigation into the CDC’s method of counting COVID data.

Sens. Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum included eight exhibits and 20 references for evidentiary materials showing what they called “a clear need to formally investigate the agencies for willful misconduct.”

In the petition, Thatcher and Linthicum say they are basing it on “significant irregularities in COVID-19 data published by the CDC.” These irregularities have led to executive orders and the establishment of health policies that violate Constitutionally-protected civil rights, they say.

By deliberately distorting how deaths are reported the CDC “significantly and fraudulently inflated” death counts, they allege. To help themselves fudge the numbers, the CDC used an “extraordinarily low standard of proof’ for diagnosing a patient as having COVID, they say.

 They also accuse the FDA of “withholding safe and effective evidence-based treatments for COVID, such as vitamin D and ivermectin. The petition, which is 16 pages long, summarizes the FDA’s and CDC’s actions as criminal activity because of the “extraordinary ramifications” of their actions.


Stand for Health Freedom September 16, 2021

Oregon State Senate September 2021

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