72% of Americans Will Quit Work Rather Than Take a COVID Vaccine

by Dr. Mercola

As businesses prepare to follow President Biden’s directive to require their employees get vaccinated against COVID-19, 72% of Americans affected by the order say they would quit their jobs rather than comply.

Specifically, only 16% said they would give in and get the injection, while 35% said they would ask for a formal exemption for a medical or religious reason; 42% said they would quit. Barring exemptions, a full 72% reported that they would simply quit their jobs rather than take the shot.

Interestingly, half the Americans answering the poll said they are in favor of businesses mandating vaccinations for employment. Two-thirds told The Washington Post they support mandated masks in schools by staff as well as students; 59% supported mandated vaccines for teachers and 54% supported mandated COVID vaccines for students if they are age-approved.

SOURCE: The Washington Post September 5, 2021

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