Study: Half of Hospitalized ‘COVID’ Patients Were There for Something Else

by Dr. Mercola, September 14, 2021

Looking at 50,000 patient records from 100 VA hospitals, researchers at Harvard Medical School, Tufts Medical Center and the VA Boston Healthcare System found that from mid-January 2021 through the end of June 2021, nearly half — 48% — had been admitted for something other than COVID.

When they focused on vaccinated patients only, that number rose to 57%. Curiously, 55% of unvaccinated patients appeared to have less severe symptoms than they did earlier in the pandemic, while vaccinated patients were only 42.6% less likely to experience severe symptoms.

Researchers credited this to a younger patient cohort than the more senior patients that were affected early on. Study authors also attributed the vaccine to both the unvaccinated and vaccinated having less severe symptoms.


The Atlantic September 13, 2021

Research Square September 2021

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