Skin Condition Is Among the Latest mRNA Vaccine Side Effects

By Dr. Mercola 

Europe’s drugs regulators say three new side effects of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines — a skin rash and two kidney disorders — are being studied by the safety committee of the European Medicines Agency (EMA). They include allergic skin reaction erythema multiforme, a form of allergic skin reaction; and glomerulonephritis or kidney inflammation; and nephrotic syndrome, a renal disorder characterized by heavy urinary protein losses.

Slightly more than 43.5 million doses of Moderna’s vaccine, Spikevax, have been administered in the European Economic Area as of July 29, compared to more than 330 million doses of the Pfizer shot, Comirnaty, according to the EMA.

According to the report, in recent weeks the EMA also found a possible link between a very rare type of heart inflammation and the mRNA vaccines. The studies are ongoing and WHO, along with the European regulator, continue to stress that the benefits from the COVID vaccines outweigh any risks.

SOURCE: Reuters, August 11, 2021

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