Dr. Ryan Cole answers questions about vaccine mandates

Dr. Ryan Cole is a board-certified anatomic and clinical pathologist trained at the Mayo Clinic. He is an expert in immunology and virology and has sub-specialty expertise in skin pathology. He runs the largest independent laboratory in the state of Idaho. He has been practicing medicine for 18 years and is licensed in 12 states.

In this interview from August 11, he answers questions about vaccine mandates.

Q: How do you think vaccine mandates will affect the quality and availability of healthcare?

A: “Let me start by commenting. We call these vaccines, but in the emergency authorization of these shots, they clearly are using the term investigational vaccines, and that’s an important point to make. We are asking people, those nurses, those students, those employees, to be subjects in an experiment on humanity. This is a large phase 3 trial by getting the shot, of something for which we do not know the long-term effects and side-effects down the road. We usually don’t see those for 2, 3, 4, 5 years.

In terms of shortages and forcing people to get this, there are people that value their bodily integrity, and as a hardcore scientist, I’m not political, I look at data. And when I look at the data, I’m already seeing the adverse effects from these shots in a laboratory setting. So these individuals who are subjecting themselves to this just to maintain a job… we’re seeing it in young people, middle-aged people, old people… a lot of people are simply not going to get this shot. I’ve heard administrators from these systems say, ‘We’ll make you cave.’ I have plenty of nurses who have shared with me that’s the mantra within administrations… They won’t. They will leave. They will stand for principle in their bodily integrity and their long-term health. And they have every right to do that, to not be a subject in human experimentation and coercion. So they’re going to see huge staffing shortages, huge.

I have a friend in Indiana who reached out today and looked at a couple articles from there. There are already shortages in their staffing within their hospital system. They’re trying to do the same thing. Another physician group out of Michigan, same thing. They already have shortages now they’re going to have massive shortages.

So this isn’t just a mandate on employees of the healthcare system, this is a mandate and an attack on an entire community and an entire community’s wellness and access to care. They pride themselves on this institutions to say, ‘Oh, we’re here for the patient, we’re here for the community…’ This clearly says they’re not. It is literally the antithesis of that. They’re flipping the script and giving a mellifluous commentary on how much they’re here for us. But they’re literally attacking our access to care because those nurses don’t want their bodies damaged.

They don’t want their fertility damaged. They don’t want their long-term immune health damaged. They don’t want to increase their risk for cancers. I’m seeing the signals in the laboratory already. They don’t want to subject themselves to that. And they should not have to be coerced into an experimental shot as it says in the emergency authorization, ‘investigational vaccine,’ in order to maintain employment. This is a violation.

We made a promise in 1947 after World War II that we never again would experiment on humanity or coerce anybody against their will, and literally, this is what we’re seeing.”

Watch the full interview here.

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