Physicians, Medical Professionals ‘Crucify’ COVID Vaccines in Public Commentaries

By Dr. Mercola, September 7, 2021

Nearly 2,000 — and counting — comments on a Medscape page asking for medical professionals’ concerns on the COVID vaccines indicate that a substantial number of doctors are not quite as supportive of the jabs as lay persons might think.

From physicians calling the vaccine a “poison called graphene oxide” to others who say “there is a more than preponderance of the evidence that justifies the immediate halt of administering the jab,” the professionals had logged 1,782 comments by 9 a.m., Tuesday, September 7, 2021, with hundreds questioning the vaccines or relating personal experiences with adverse effects from them.

One doctor said the vaccine is “intentionally dangerous, disabling and deadly.” Another said she refuses to even call them “vaccines” because “As most people and health care providers know by now, the shots are non-sterilizing and do not confer immunity, thus the mandates and the push to inject every human arm on the face of the earth do not make sense to me.”

“Certainly, at any other time in my career when a vaccine had so many problems (RSV, H1N1, dengue, HIV, rotavirus, killed measles and several others) the vaccines were pulled,” another doctor said. “Considering that more than 99% of people who get COVID, survive — the current situation with enforcing vaccinations with products that produce side-effects that can be career-ending or life-ending is more than concerning.”


Twitter August 18, 2021

Medscape September 7, 2021

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