Award-winning physician says that Covid is “almost 100% preventable” with cheap, controversial drug

(At the beginning of this interview, the host Rajiv Malhotra makes a disclaimer that he is vaccinated.)

Some key quotes:

“They’ve been dismissing Ivermectin because it doesn’t have that single large trial, but Ivermetin has 31 randomized controlled trials with over 3,000 patients in them. That is a very large body of evidence. You don’t need more than that.”

“They set the bar for Ivermectin very very high, and the drugs that they like very very low. Like Remdisivir had 1,000 patients. It’s being used all over the world, used all over the country at $3,000 a dose. And it doesn’t even save a life.”

“There’s these really anomalous behaviors, it’s really inconsistent, and we have our health agencies literally putting themselves in between the doctor and the patient, telling the doctors what to use, and very little of it makes sense.”

“To advocate for Ivermectin, it’s an FDA-approved drug, it can be used off-label, a large percentage of prescriptions in the US are off-label and it’s one of the safest drugs, so it’s hardly harmful to advocate for its use. The amount of data to support is overwhelming.”

“On a practical level… if Ivermectin’s efficacy were widely known as a preventative, because you can take it every week and it largely prevents people from getting sick, I mean some of the trials are showing almost 100% efficacy in prevention of the illness and in many of the trials it’s around high 80s to 90s. It’s proven to be effective against all the variants.”

Dr. Pierre Kory’s credentials can be found here.

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