Study Shows COVID-19 Vaccines Cause More Harm Than Good

By Dr. Mercola, August 23, 2021

A stunning, six-page review of clinical trial data from COVID-19 vaccines concludes there is no scientific data that the vaccines can improve the health of the population.

Not only that, the report says the data appear to point in the opposite direction — inferring there is more harm than good in getting them.

The study was released Monday, August 23, 2021, as a preprint of the August 25, 2021, issue of Trends in Internal Medicine. Analyzing each of the vaccines individually, the study focuses on adverse events occurring after vaccination with each of the currently available vaccines, and alleges that “the actual health decline caused by the vaccines is probably much worse” than what most available data tables suggest.

And, finally, the study says, “if the COVID-19 outbreak is the result of a bioweapons attack and vaccine resistant variants represent the release of different prototypes then immunization is almost certain to fail.”

SOURCE: Trends in Internal Medicine August 25, 2021 (Preprint)

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