Well-known doctor says he won’t do a randomized placebo-controlled trial on Ivermectin because he doesn’t want his patients to die without it

In an interview with Dr. Mobeen Syed, M.D. M.S., (Dr. Been), Prof. Dr. Joseph Varon, who has done thousands of interviews with the media, explains why he does not want to do a randomized placebo-controlled trial on his patients.

(Segment begins about 25 minutes in)

Dr. Been: “Do you have any observation for if someone was taking Ivermectin for prophylaxis or acute disease, what are their chances of ending up in the hospital versus someone who is waiting at home and has now become a little degraded?”

Dr. Varon: “That’s a great question and I do have some experience with that. One of my friends owns an airline company in Mexico, and when I told him I was starting to use Ivermectin, he basically got all his employees to start taking prophylactic Ivermectin. He has 4,000 employees. Prior to that, he was getting 2 to 3 deaths per month and a lot of people were hospitalized. After he started giving them Ivermectin, not a single one of them ended up dead, and there were only a couple of admissions to the hospital, so it works.”

“We’re looking at the data as we speak and we’re hoping to get it out as a publication.”

Dr. Been: “Why is there such resistance to using Ivermectin when we see it working?”

Dr. Varon: “I think that you can go into conspiracy theories here, you can say it’s big pharma, the Remdesivirs of the world are trying to get rid of the $10 medication, that’s one thing. But believe it or not, our own colleagues have been very difficult to convince. They are still waiting for the randomized placebo-controlled trials, and I am sorry, I’m not going to put any of my patients on a placebo because I know that Ivermectin works.”

“It doesn’t make any sense… reluctance from our own colleagues, clearly some political and economic things are there, but I will not venture to tell you which ones they are, that is above my pay grade.” 

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