#ProtectYourFamily hashtag gets traction on social media

Over 88,000 people on Facebook alone are posting their stories of vaccine injury using the hashtag #ProtectYourFamily in order to avoid being censored by Facebook factcheckers.

Facebook page “19” posted an account of a teenager who allegedly passed away after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine along with her photo.

It reads, “18 year old Camilla Canepa received the first d0se on May 25. She checked into the emergency room on June 3, complaining of severe headaches and extreme light sensitivity. ACT scan and neurological tests found nothing, so doctors discharged her with an order to return in 15 days for further tests. But she returned to the ER just two days later, now suffering from paralysis. Camilla was diagnosed with cavernous sinus thrombosis, meaning a blood clot in the space between the eye sockets and brain. It blocked the primary vein between the head and heart. Doctors also discovered that she was bleeding inside her brain. She underwent two surgeries, one to remove the blood clot and the second to relieve pressure in her head caused by the bleeding. But the damage was too great to overcome. Camilla passed away on June 10. “Trust the $cience.” H/T Darlene Bordwell” (Source)

Anther page, “Little’s Fight,” was created on June 15, 2021, to support Sarah Green, known as “Little,” after she received the Pfizer vaccine.

The first post reads, “My daughter, Sarah Green(Little), received her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on May 4th. After the vaccine, she complained of a headache in the back of her head a few times. She had not had headaches before. I gave her Ibuprofen, and it would get better. On the evening of May 23rd, she came to me and said she had a “twitch” in her neck. I thought maybe she was just tired and told her to go to bed.The morning of May 24th was a normal morning. I go to work before she wakes up, and so she calls me if I don’t call her. We had a normal conversation and she told me that her and her dad were going shopping. That evening at around 7pm, I got a call from her dad and he said that he was taking her to the ER because something was wrong. Little had begun stuttering really bad and she was having uncontrollable head movements. She looked like someone who has Parkinson’s. She had never stuttered or had these “tics” before.After 2 nights in the hospital and numerous tests, she was sent home with no improvement and we were told that it was a “nervous tic” and she needed to see mental health. We asked several times if it could be the vaccine and we were ignored until one dr told us that he had no idea what it was, but it was absolutely not the vaccine and we couldn’t blame everything on that. We had to argue with them to refer her to a neurologist.2weeks later we finally saw the neurologist and we were told that she had Functional Movement disorder, and that it was “related to the vaccine, but not vaccine related”. And that it is an “extremely rare” side effect. (While researching, I have found that it is not so rare). But the neurologist said that they had seen a lot of this over the past year. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are not normal vaccines. They are MRNA vaccines. The way these work, is they change the way your body reacts to viruses and teaches your body to communicate a different way with your cells and to make a specific protein to fight off certain viruses or diseases.All of this goes through your brain.These vaccines are not FDA approved because they could not pass the 3 stage test. They could not get past stage 2, which is animal testing, because of “neurological events”.Basically, what has happened is that there is some kind of breakdown in the pathway of Little’s brain and her body movements. And it is considered a “neurological disorder”. I am not an antivaxxer. She is up to date on all other immunization’s. But we were not informed that this was even a possibility.My hope is that you, the reader, will be able to make an informed decision when deciding whether you get the vaccine or not. We were not afforded that opportunity.Please continue to send prayers and kind thoughts.♥️We greatly appreciate all of you.”

The family continues to seek answers for the health of their daughter.

Another page, Health Freedom Ohio, posted this account with a photo of the young man:

“Greyson (19) is a student at Ohio State University, and received the second Pf. v—ine in May despite having contracted coro— last year. A lifelong athlete, accustomed to running 15+ miles a day, his afternoons are now filled with hospital visits, medical testing (MRI, EKGs, ECHO, blood draws) and expensive stem cell therapy treatments.””He didn’t want to do it. I thought it was best to get us back to normal. We are now facing a dangerous new normal in which my son has felt close to death, and no one can help him. He screams in pain, and feels like he’s having a heart attack, and that his veins are about to explode. I thought I was doing the right thing and I was wrong. I have felt so guilty about scheduling him for that damn thing, but I can’t take it back. Had I known the risk, and if the state wasn’t making it almost a social pressure to get the v—ine, I wouldn’t have done it, especially since he had it last year and built some natural immunity. I’ve been told now by doctors that we shouldn’t have done it. To think that colleges will require it to go back is insane after what we’ve been through. I can’t believe colleges will force it knowing that this is occurring. Colleges (or anyone) shouldn’t be able to force someone to get a v—ine. It should be a personal choice.” — Marie Follmer, mother

A woman named Rachael Hostetter shared her heartbreaking account after receiving the Moderna vaccine and the subsequent backlash she received on social media after sharing her story.

See more stories on Facebook here.

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